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    trackmania textures changing


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    trackmania textures changing

    Post  pacome on Sat 27 Aug - 15:10

    ok,have you ever dreamed about changing the colors of the "3 2 1 Go!"?
    well... maybe not...
    anyway you CAN change it : paint it, change police,you can do anything with it
    that's very simple ,

    -first, download paint.NET here
    it also works with gimp (but you need .dds file extension) or even photoshop

    then go to your trackmania folder(c:program files//TmUnitedForever/Game Data/Menu Forever/Texture/321go)
    NOT IN MYDOCUMENTS folder Exclamation

    open the file with paint.NET, modify it as you wish then save
    you can try it on any other textures Very Happy

    I have an advice , before modifying the files copy them in an other folder to keep them because if you miss you still have the file (not like lazer lol! )

    the same way you can also create mods. For stadium go in stadium textures change them as you want and save it in an other folder, 7zip this folder and add it to mydocuments/skins/stadium/mod

    you must create these folders

    i hope it'll help you Very Happy

    ask me if you have some problems study


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    Re: trackmania textures changing

    Post  supernoob on Sat 27 Aug - 19:57

    you can also chanc the sound efx sound or music. I don't reamember what folder the file is in, but I have done it:D

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